HBF Textiles Lost + Found by Christiane Müller

HBF Textiles collaborated with Christiane Müller. With decades of international experience as a textile and surface designer, Müller has come to honor the culture and craftsmanship that goes into producing textiles. Her goal is to ensure that age-old crafts not only survive but are infused with new life. Her latest collection for HBF Textiles showcases the potential of these crafts in making innovative textiles with meaning and soul for today’s world.

Winner of NeoCon Gold 2019, Lost & Found includes seven colorful patterns, including:

  • Crafted Felt
  • Crafted Cloud
  • Woven Memory
  • Timeless Twine
  • Enriched Boucle
  • Quilted Comfort
  • Cherished Knit

Each of these patterns has a story behind the technique used to create it, as Müller has always been fascinated by the beauty of assembling, repairing and mending of textiles.

“The Lost & Found Collection re-examines the rich world of textiles, reinterprets their techniques, reconnects us with their history, reflects on their meaning, reinforces their functionality, renews their significance, reaffirms their value, and rediscovers their timeless beauty. What is almost lost is found again.” – Christiane Müller

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