HBF Textiles | What A Year!

HBF Textiles has had a phenomenal year. Metropolis covered them as the “most innovative textiles of 2017”. They launched the Raw Collection and New Basics, which both received glowing press coverage from Interior Design as well as earning them Silver at this past NeoCon.

It’s not only their press and awards that keep us excited about this line. It’s the incredible creativity and innovation erupting from their team. Collection after collection, powerhouses Barbara Barry, Christiane Müller and Elodie Blanchard have turned the industry’s eyes toward #HBFtextiles. We’d like to celebrate – and offer our sincere congratulations to Elodie Blanchard for being named Interiors + Sources “Designer of the Year.”

Since her teenage years in France, Blanchard has had a passion for making. While in school for sculpture in Paris, that passion led her to her mentor who was a clothing designer. Soon after, she started her own fashion line and found success selling her designs to La Redoute which she refers to as “the French Target.” Following her muse, she became interested in performance art. A musical collaboration led to clothing designed with materials that made sound which was aptly titled, ‘Noisy Clothes.’ A move to New York City brought her to product design and eventually Mary Jo Miller, Vice President of HBF Textiles. Miller was struck by her whimsical, artistic aesthetic and hired her to design a collection. This first collection, Elodie Blanchard Collection, won Gold at Best of NeoCon that year – and the rest is history.

Congratulations, Elodie. We look forward to new and inspiring work from you and from HBF Textiles.

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