Cozy up with HBF Textiles | Winter Collection 2019

We couldn’t be more excited by the seasonal releases from HBF Textiles. They offer everything you would want from a winter collection. Within it, you’ll find knobby precision from Quill, snuggly sweater-like comfort from Bunny and Poodle, and aerial city views inspired Night Earth. Take a look through these stunning new releases designed by Mary Jo Miller and read more about their inspiration below.


Winter Collection 2019 by Mary Jo Miller

Bunny + Poodle 

Cuddly, cozy, furry, soft … like a favorite sweater that’s been lovingly broken in. Winter 2019 celebrates yarn and its ability to be transformative to the surface of a textile.


With needle-like precision, this juxtaposition between soft ground and an iridescent cord makes Quill an exciting dimensional material.

Night Earth

Inspired by aerial photography of cities where grid lighting lines break and fade. The cloth has a distressed patina reminiscent of a favorite heirloom rug that refuses to wear out.

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