About SiS Ergo

SiS Ergo respects human beings, nature, and recognizes their responsibility concerning the world in which we all live and do business. It is their policy to continuously reduce the environmental impact of their products and processes. They seek to achieve this through better use of raw materials and energy, and by optimizing their production processes. They use and manufacture sustainable products that rely less on synthetic materials, minimize components and production steps, and can be recycled and reused to allow for a positive impact on the overall product life-cycle. This is an important issue in today’s global economy, and we love knowing that SiS Ergo is doing everything they can to promote sustainable and ethical practices both internally and with their partners around the world.

Elle by SiS + Ellehaven™

Designed and manufactured in Denmark, both Ellehaven™ and Elle by SiS feature a sleek and sophisticated design — and that’s only the beginning. Their ability to be powered through power cable or battery makes these height-adjustable tables suitable for all layouts, without compromising the environment’s visual aesthetics.

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